Our Vision :

Bring technology to human resources management

Google has shown the path

Google calls its HR department People Operations, or POPS. At the heart of POPS is a sophisticated employee-data tracking program - an effort to gain empirical certainty about several aspects of Google’s employees, such us the right level of pay and benefits.

Our philosophy

We wish to follow the path of Google and provide to our customers with a software capable of analyzing the behaviour of their employees to help them make HR decisions based in empirical data.

Making decisions based on data

Our software gathers data of the behaviour of the employee from different sources. It excels the hours dedicated to different tasks, holidays and sick days, feedback from the project manager, a time tracking system, etc.

This information is analyzed by our algorithms to determine the values of productivity and performance, and classify the employee in a category. Utilizing this numerical data, several reports are created to assist the HR department.

These reports inform HR of employee's effectiveness in perform their tasks, and suggests behaviours to watch for that could result in low performance in the future

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