Main page for HR managers

Dashboard for HR managers

At the top, various important indicators appear

Below the indicators, there are two sections:

Main page for employees

The employees can choose the active task (selecting between the task assigned to them by the managers
When the work ends, they can stop tracking time. If they forget to stop the tracking time the system automatically closes the task 8 hours after the beginning of the workday.
The employee can request a sick day, and that request automatically is automatically sent to the manager and HR.
If the employee can not track the time automatically (because they are not using a PC, for example), they can simply upload the time sheet manually

In this form also appears the different tasks that the user said has been working on in the "Actions" sections, with the total time as the sum of the time of each task

Finally, a calendar with the tasks, holidays, meetings and other elements of the last 30 days is shown.

Create actions manually

This form is used by the employee to create the time-tracking actions manually, if for whatever reason he/she could not use the PC to indicate what action they are completing in a certain moment

An employee can delete an action, but if he deletes an action that was created automatically it could indicate that he/she is trying to cheat the system, and a message is sent to HR.

Employees list

This form is the list of employees. One employee belongs to one department, but can belong to an associate (or outsourced) company

There are two main values to watch: the productivity (time dedicated to useful things vs. total worked time) and performance (time dedicated to a task vs. time planned to this task)

Project Details

The project is the heart of the system

This screenshot is for the project manager the system includes by default, but the use of this project manager is optional, and several others project managers (trello, basecamp) can be integrated into the system

A project consists of a set of different elements like:

There are many useful features such as meetings manager, Gantt graph, automatic time-sheet excel reporting, etc.

New Task

A task has a name, a description, an (optional) estimation of how much time will it take, the employee who is responsible for the task, the subproject who owns the task and an optional start date.

All of the times of the tasks are managed in minutes internally, so if the estimation of time is entered in the hours field, it is converted automatically to minutes

If the start date is left blank, it will be filled automatically when the employee marks the tasks as active task the first time