How it Works?

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Step 1. Gather information

The AI algorithm needs data in order to work accurately, and the data is provided by:

A project manager that provides similar features to Microsoft Project but is web-based.
Using this software, the managers can enter the plan of the project, divide it into tasks, and estimate the time that will take to the employees to actually perform the tasks. The software also allows the managers to give kudos to the employees. In this way subjective information can be added to the algorithm.

A time tracker, wherein the employee indicates when he or she starts working on a task, and when he/she completes the workday If a deeper analysis is desired, a small program completally transparent to the user can be installed on the employee's PCs, This program monitors the computer's activities including programs run, websites visited, time spent without using keyboard or mouse, etc.

With this program the algorithm can retrieve the value of productivity, indicating how much of the employee's working time has been conducted in useful tasks for the company. This program is optional and has an additional cost.

NOTE: You would need the collaboration of your IT department to install this program

There's always more than one way

If desired, your employees can use another project manager or time tracker. Or none at all!. We are able to integrate the vast majority of project managers, or they can upload their information directly in excel format.

Information Sources

  • Time-tracking
  • Project manager
  • Excel with tasks
  • Holidays calendar
  • Sick days calendar
  • Webs visited
  • Applications used
  • Computer activity
  • Computer inactivity
  • Kudos
  • Punctuality
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Step 2. Analyze data:

The heart of the IA algorithm is the ability to calculate the productivity (ratio of productive time vs. total working time) and the performance (ratio of total time performing a task vs. planned time of the task).

Besides this, many other important kpi (key performance indicators) are calculated:

Percentage of tasks with overtime
Percentage of projects that could have delays
Percentage of non-productive websites visited
Employees who should be watched more closely because of behaviour patterns that could result in poor performance in the future
Employees that visit non productive sites above a certain limit
Employees who are favoured by their managers yet perform below average
Associates or outsourcing companies who did not provide documentation as required
Employees without assigned project

The Core

The chief part of the system is the ability to calculate the performance of an employee as a ratio between the time a task actually takes and the time the manager plans for it to take.

The Attitudes

There are several attitudes that HR should detect: if an employee lowers productivity, if a manager gives kudos to an employee with low performance, or if an employee delays in uploading the time sheet. Our software detects these attitudes for you

The Associates

Avoid paperwork when dealing with associates. If an employee belongs to another company the holidays and sick days are managed automatically by the outsourcing company and the project manager. All the paperwork is now centralized and a reminder is sent automatically.