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We get the productivity as the ratio of working time in productivity stuff vs total working time.


The performance of an employee is the ratio of time spent completing a task vs time planned by the manager.


The system detects different types of ratios like low performance, time wasted surfing websites, team climate, employees without assigned tasks, etc.

Take a look at the benefits:

index for HR

Benefits for HR

Focusing on the productivity.
Get up to 50% more productivity

Efficontrol provides valuable information about the performance and the productivity of your employees. It also empowers you to detect those who are favoured by their managers despite consistently performing below average. It will also alert you to those employees who should be watched more closely due to behaviour patterns that could result in poor performance in the future.

Detects associates or outsourcing companies who failed to provide documentation when they should have

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Benefits for Managers

Get rid of paperwork.
Detect tasks with overtime.

Creates various reports automatically, such as employee timesheets, progress reports for projects, etc.

Allows customers and other contacts to interact with the project from any device via email.

Automatically creates the agenda and minutes to manage meetings and avoid paperwork.

Proactively detects situations and attitudes that can cause delays in a project.

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Benefits for IT

Save bandwidth.
No human action is required.

Reduces usage of bandwidth. If the employee visits a web that is on the "black list", the page is automatically closed.

The "black list" is generated automatically by our algorithms, which examine the page and determine whether it is non productive.

The system can be installed "behind your firewall", allowing a total control by the IT department.

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