If you are planning a business that requires KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundry) give us a try.

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Pricing info

CheapKYC offers a identity verification service for 1/3 of the competitors price

Our price schema is very simple. We provide a REST API for identifying.
Every identification call to the API costs $0.40 or $0.50, depending on your plan.
If you prefer a flat rate, contact us.

*Identifications means identifications intems. If, for example, the user upload a photo of Mickey Mouse instead of his passport, it counts as an identification.

Plan A

$100 for 200 identifications

Plan B

$1000 for 2500 identifications


The identification process is very simple. We need as input a photo of the cardID/passport (front and back) and a selfie with the cardID and optionally a paper with the name of your project and date.

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